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The premier, flexible school for elite equestrians. Grades 5-12. Space is limited. School Year Starts September 2023.


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We have brought together Equestrian’s premier champions, legends, experts, and top influencers to create a youth program for students focused on their equestrian passion.


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“Less than 2% of the nation’s students attend so-called independent schools. 
But 24% of Yale’s class of 2024 attended an independent school
At Princeton, that figure is 25%
At Brown and Dartmouth, it is higher still: 29%.

The Atlantic, April 2021

What sets the American Equestrian School Apart?

AES Presents: Champion Speaker Series

American Equestrian School Presents: Champion Speaker Series brings the most exciting professionals in the industry into an intimate question and answer session with attendees. Check out the past sessions here.

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Wednesday Webinar Series

American Equestrian School webinar sessions are open to potential students, their parents and trainers every Wednesday.

AES staff will be answering questions live and providing an overview of the exciting new program. Past session recordings can be viewed here.

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AES students are seeking an elite private school experience that allows them to balance their academics with the ability to pursue passions outside of the classroom. They are intrinsically motivated, independent learners who thrive from personal interaction with peers and teachers.

Please complete our inquiry form, and you will be contacted within 24 hours by the Head of School or a member of the Admissions Team.


Yes, we offer rolling admissions. Students are able to accelerate or slow down their pace at any time during the academic school year. Regardless of their start date, students must complete coursework by the end of the school year or contract for our summer session.

Our Cambridge-style weekly seminars are designed to be highly interactive and collaborative. Students also have the opportunity to interact with peers during clubs and special events. The AES program is a hybrid model with substantial additional support, in-person meet-up opportunities, and Equestrian events.

We do not require any formal admissions exams. To learn more about the admissions process please complete our inquiry form. Once completed, you will be contacted by our Admissions team.

Students will meet with each subject teacher at least once a week, using real-time video conferencing. Teachers also provide the opportunity for students to meet one-on-one during office hours for academic instruction and support. Additional one-on-one tutoring sessions can be purchased if needed.

Ready to get to the next level in the equestrian world?

To learn more about the program or join our limited program starting in September 2022, contact us and we’ll help you plan and guide you through your upcoming adventure!